Chairman's Message

Karnataka Co-operative Poultry Federation Limited was established on 15.3.1995 under Karnataka Co-operative Societies Act 1959. The Federation is being governed by the Board of Management comprising 19 Directors of which 13 are elected by the member societies.  One in nominated by the Government of Karnataka five are ex-officio Directors.  All the Primary Co-operative Poultry Societies registered under KCS Act 1959 in Karnataka State will be enrolled as “A” Class members with a share amount of Rs.5,000/- & Government of Karnataka  and Government of India can hold shares of “B” Class with a share amount of Rs.25,000=00.  The main objects of KCPF are to educate poultry farmers to take up poultry business scientifically and to grow economically under Co-op principles by forming primary co-op poultry societies.  As on 1.7.2017 the Federation has a membership of 112 societies.  Federation has taken up training for unemployed youth about scientific poultry farming through the regional centres in Bangalore, Mysore, Belguam, Dharwad and Kalburgi.  We are getting good response from the youth.  With the intention of strengthening the member societies in the programs like hatchery unit, feed plant and chicken-egg outlets are given to them.  To promote the formation of new Primary Co-operative Poultry Societies, we have started subsidy scheme of one time grant of one lakh for newly registered and enrolled member societies from the year 2017-18.  The Federation have completed 22 years, We have many visions to improve federation, our members are our strength.  We hope that federation will get a remarkable recognition in the field of poultry business.  Finally on behalf of Board of Management, I thank Government of India, Government of Karnataka, AH&VS Department, Co-operative Department, Finance Department for all the support and I thank all our Members and Directors of the Board and also for their support and co-operation.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Sri. D. K. Kantharaju