The Fundamental Objectives as prescribed in Bylaw are.

  1. To encourage poultry development on Co-operative basis.
  2. To plan and co-ordinate as a lucrative venture and to inculcate the principles of cooperation as a movement among people in rural areas.
  3. To carryout activities for promoting production, processing, storage, transportation and marketing of eggs and poultry meat and their products for economic development of the farming community and to provide a source of regular income, livelihood through poultry farming to the unemployed youth in rural areas.
  4. Development and expansion of such other alied activities for the promotion of poultry industries particularly in the area of genetic improvement of birds and qualitative production of feeds.
  5. Promote consumer education in favour of eggs, meat and their products.
  6. To provide veterinary services and to undertake poultry husbandry activities so as to improve the poultry health care and disease control and assist the member societies in doing the same.
  7. Advise, guide and assist the member societies in all aspects of management, supervision and audit functions.
  8. Implementation of Government Schemes to provide subsidies for poultry development in respect of both members of the Federation and Poultry farmers.