Organisation Meeting

General Body Meeting:

The supreme authority of the Federation shall be vested in the General Body subject to the Act, Rules and Byelaws. 

General Body shall consist of the following:

                i)The Chairman of the affiliated Primary Co-operative Poultry Societies and.

                ii)All the members of the Board of Directors, of the Federation.

  • The Chairman of the Board of Directors will preside over the General Body Meeting.  In his absence the Meeting will elect a Chairman from amongst the members present.
  • The Annual General Body Meeting shall be called once in every year within a period of three months after the date fixed for making up its accounts for the year.
  • A Special General Body Meeting may be called at any time by a majority vote of the Board of Directors or on requisition in writing by at least one third of the members of the Federation or by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.
  • The First meeting of the members after Registration shall have the same powers as are given to the Annual General Body Meeting.

Annual General Body Meeting:

The Annual General Body Meeting shall Inter-Alia deal with the Following:

  • To confirm the proceedings of the previous General Body Meeting.
  • To approve the excess of expenditure incurred over the sanctioned budget.
  • To approve the budget and programme of work of the Federation for the ensuing year as recommended by the Board.
  • To consider from the Board the Annual Report together with Trading and Profit and Loss account for the proceeding Financial year of the Federation and Balance Sheet as on 31st March and to sanction the appropriation of Profits.
  • To consider the Audit members and Audit rectification report received from the Board of Directors and other communications from the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.
  • To add, alter, annual delete and amend the byelaws as and when necessary.
  • To consider any other business brought forward by or with the consent of the Chairman.
  • Notices of the Agenda of the General Body Meeting mentioning date, place and time of the meeting shall be listed in writing to all its members at least 15 clear days in advance under certificate of posting provided further that in case of Annual General Body meeting it may also be accompanied by a copy of the Annual Administrative Report, the Audit Report (if available) and the Balance Sheet. Non-receipt of such a notice by any member of the General Body shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting.

Prior notice is not necessary in the case of the following:

  • A motion for a change in the order of the business of the Agenda.
  • A motion for adjournment for dissolution of the meeting.
  • A motion that the meeting to pass on to the next item on the agenda paper.
  • A motion to refer the matter under consideration for discussion on report to the  

Board of Directors.

  • A motion allowed by the three fourths of the members present.


Special General Body Meeting:

Special General Body Meeting of the Federation Shall be called within 15 days, notice  stating the date, time and place at which and the objective for which such a meeting is called.

The special General body may transact any business that would have been normally transacted by the Annual General Body Meeting.


Each member shall have one vote by virtue of membership, Proxies shall not be allowed.

  • A presence of 50% of the members shall form quorum for all meeting of the Federation.  Any fraction contained in the said 50% of the strength of the board shall be rounded of as one.
  • In the absence of the regular Presiding Officer, the members present may elect among them a Chairman to conduct the proceedings.
  • If in any meeting called in pursuance of these byelaws, there is no quorum within half an hour form the time fixed, the meeting shall stand adjourned to a date fixed by the presiding officer.
  • And in such an adjourned meeting there shall be no binding on the quorum but the member present shall transact no business other than that specified in the original Agenda.
  • Decision shall be taken by a majority of votes.  The Chairman shall have a casting vote in addition to the vote to which may be entitled as a member of the Board of Directors.