1. India- Population of 1.2 billion people with a GDP growth rate of about 9% is the one of the biggest consumer market in the world.
  2. India’s  Livestock  population is amongst the highest in the world.
  3. The livestock  sector  contributes  to generally 4% to the GDP and 27% to the agricultural GDP.
  4. In addition to providing nutritional security to the  pool, it offers , provides direct and indirect employment to over three million people and have been the key contributors within the livestock sector.
  5. The market size of the poultry industry is estimated around USD – 7.9 billion (INR-350 billion) and is growing at an alternate rate of 12-15 % annually.
  6. India is the 3rd  largest producer of eggs with annual production of 57 billion eggs and 5th largest producer of poultry meat with a production of 2.5 million tones of poultry meat. 
  7. Percapita consumption of eggs in India is 68 eggs
    Percapita consumption of poultry meat is 2.5 kgs.


  1. Globally India ranks  3rd  in egg production and 5th in poultry meat production.
  2. Eggs and chicken meat are the cheapest source of animal protein affordable by the masses.
  3. Poultry products account for more than 75% of the non-vegetarian items consumed in India.
  4. Industry’s  growth rate of 12-15 %  as compared to national GDP growth rate of 9%.
  5. Integration  is taking over in broiler industry.
  6. The key players are also moving into vertical integration by setting up  retail  chains, processing and marketing.


Retail poultry sector opportunities

  1. Biggest consumer market in the world – population of 1.2 billion growing  at GDP of 9%