1. Short term Training Programmed in Poultry Production.

    A 5 day short term training programme is organized in all our Regional Centre of K.C.P.F and C.P.D.O Training Centre at Hessarghatta.

    In this training programme every month 30-40 candidates would be given training in poultry federation management, of poultry, feed and purchase, Disease control measures. The training provided free of cost & also stipend would be provided.


    1. Reduction in unemployment and will generation self employment to rural youth.
    2. Adoption of modern technologies in poultry production.
    3. In the year 2017-18 a target of 1000 candidates is fixed.
  2. Production of Backyard chicks for backyard poultry production.

    To promote Backyard poultry farming in Karnataka production and rearing of backyard poultry chicks is being done in one KCPF, Regional centre, Dharwad.  Giriraja, Chabro, Swarnadhara chicks are produced and given to farmers for rearing, at the cost fixed by the Animal Husbandry Department.

    Rearing is also being done at one KCPF, Regional centre, Kalburgi, here chicks are reared till six weeks and distributed to farmers through Department of AHVS, at rate fixed by the department.

    In the year 2017 a target to produce 1.00 lakh chicks is being fixed.

    1. Eradication of malnutrition in rural areas.
    2. Promoting eggs and meat consumption in rural areas.
    3. Providing supplementary income to rural families.
  3. Assistance to establish 500 Broiler units to unemployed youth.
    In this scheme financial assistance is given to unemployed youth for establishing 500 broiler units. The project cost for this scheme is Rs.1,60,000/- where in Rs.40,000/- subsidy is given to General category and Rs.52,800/- subsidy is given to SC/ST persons. Remaining amount of the project cost should be financed from Nationalized Banks / Regional Co-operative Banks etc.,

    In the year 2017-18 the target is to provide assistance to 189 units at Financial target of Rs.81.00 lakhs

    Improvement in economic status of unemployed rural youth by providing assistance for the establishment of 500 Broiler units.

  4. Extension & Publicity:
    1. Organizing Technical Seminars.
      Four Technical Seminars will be organized every year one in each in Revenue division to officers of the AHVS Department, Poultry entrepreneurs and farmers. In this seminar experts in poultry    industry will participate & share their expertise & experiences  about    modern technology practice in poultry industry and production and      also interact with the     delegates through discussion.


      1. Address the problems faced by poultry farmers.
      2. Encouragement to farmers for taking poultry farming.
      3. Provide information regarding schemes & modern technologies in poultry farming.
    2. Study tour programme to poultry farmers.
      A Study tour is conducted every year to interested poultry farmers / entrepreneurs by our KCPF, regional centres at Belgaum, Gulburga, Mysore, Dharwad and Bangalore. A batch of 50      farmers will be taken to government poultry farms and well maintained and modernized poultry farms and information will be provided to them.